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Make your desktop look unique

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Desktop timer countdown Countdown Pro can make your desktop look unique! It comes with many visually appealing themes which you can choose. You can define any countdown you want and even have several countdowns in one window - changing the currently displayed countdown in a specified time interval "ticker style."

Countdown Pro comes with a set of themes. In addition you can easily design your own themes with the theme editor.

Get organized

Countdown Pro is a multi-purpose application: Reminders, timers and sticky notes will keep you organized. You can get a quick overview of coming events in the organizer view.
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Have a screensaver that nobody else has
custom screensaver Want your own personal screensaver? Countdown Pro allows you to design an individual screensaver that displays your upcoming appointments, notes and important dates. You can set a time interval that specifies how often the currently displayed countdown or note changes.

Create standalone Countdown applications and give them to your friends and collegues

Design your own countdowns, make stand-alone applications and give them to your friends and colleagues .
You can download some examples created with the export as stand-alone function from our free countdowns page.

Export your countdown


Countdown themes included! You can create your own themes easily

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