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System requirements:

Windows XP/NT/2000/ME

If you have trouble installing, feel free to contact support@countdownpro.com

Latest changes version 2.0.7 (4/2/2007)

Changes in 2.0.7

- Fixed a bug that caused miscalculation during leap years

Changes in 2.0.5

- New option: Edit Appearance-> Countdown with shortest time left always on top
- Fixed a bug that showed a message"The path passed into new FolderItem was invalid." when starting Countdown Pro and Standalone app
- List shows Countdowns to dates in the next month under "Next Month"

Changes in 2.0.4

- Fixed a bug that cause Countdown Pro to freeze at certain times
- Added "reset windows to default positions" option (usefull if you dragged a window off the screen)

Changes in 2.0.3

- Added always on top option for countdown windows
- Various improvements to the export as stand-alone function

Changes in 2.0.2
- Fixed a bug that made the Countdown window disappear after a click on the desktop
- Fixed some minor bugs

Changes in 2.0.1
- Fixed a bug that made a Coundown Pro taskbar icon appear
- Fixed a bug that kept some installer programs from working while Countdown Pro was open

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